GTM Group is a private portfolio development firm that assists growing software and technology companies.   We have the skills to identify compelling investment

opportunities, select companies positioned for success and accelerate the creation of value in portfolio companies.

GTM works with portfolio companies providing management leadership, funding assistance,  development resources, and administrative resources to enable the company to focus  on creating value through product innovation.

Other key services that are provided include a number of specific assignments:

Business plan and investor presentation support.   We will review and assist you in developing a one page Executive Summary and the rest of the collateral typically requested by the investment community.

Strategy.  We offer high level strategy reviews to assist the senior management to solidify and communicate the company strategy.

Interim management services.  We can provide full or part-time resources to fill gaps in your team to achieve your objectives or to assist until a full time resource is in place.

Technical product Reviews and evaluations.  We will provide a complete and thorough analysis of your products, services and support.

Product Testing.  We offer a comprehensive testing service for you products.

Sales process and training.   We offer programs to evaluate your sales process, team and related plans.  After evaluation and review we will recommend specific programs to address area for improvement and training.

Project Management.   We offer remote and onsite project management matched to meet your needs.

Product development.  We offer a variety of software services to help you build you products and services.  These efforts included client application, mobile apps, web sites, ecommerce, database design and deployment and a number of other related services.